Know Your Child Programme


  • SR Solutions offer Help line Calling System, where parents can call and get detail round the clock about their child
  • SR Solution also offers “Online Student Information System”. It’s mainly internet-based student performance monitoring system for the benefit of Parent and management. The information covers student participation in the class interaction with the teachers performance. Marks obtained, Attendence, use of Library, and participation in extra curricular activities like Abacus, Vedic Math, Sports, Music, Dance Elocution, Essay Writing, Debate etc., The f homework assigned, Competition co-curricular activities important notices, projects, due dates etc. Soo that it can be updates to their parents at any time, anywhere by the programme KYC.
  • We provide automated SMS infrmation tool that helps parent to get the day happening of the school both in terms of academic, administrative and the participation
    of the child

    • This proves to be a very useful tool & a value added service from school to interact with parents and vice versa
    • School management can pass on any message to the parents including any confidential message or feed back on a particular student. The same information will be sent via SMS immediately and also will be available on our 24/7 helpline call center.
    • We monitor the students on his/her performance, participation and beheviour and report the same to the parents on regular basis.